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Top 5 Courses to Learn iOS App Development For Free

Learning iOS app development can be an excellent addition to your portfolio of skills. Whether you’re an entrepreneur who wants to build apps for your own company or a candidate looking for a job or a techie who wants to learn it for fun, having iOS app development knowledge can help you a lot.

One added advantage of learning iOS app development is that you can develop apps for the entire Apple ecosystem which includes iPhones, iPads, iWatch, Macs, etc. on your own. And also for the recently released Apple Vision Pro VR Headset. Becoming an expert at it might take some time but if you keep at it and continuously learn, the outcome might surprise you. You’ve gotta start somewhere.

There are numerous iOS app development courses online that can make you an expert at developing iOS apps. There are both free courses and also paid courses. The funny thing is that the free courses are as good as the paid ones. So, in the article, I’ll introduce you to the top 5 free iOS app development courses that are better than most paid iOS app development courses.

  • Meta’s iOS Developer Professional Certificate at Coursera:

    This course is taught by Meta’s staff and is available in almost 10 languages along with English. It’s a highly recommended course for students who are ready to graduate and increase their skill set. Even for individuals who want to start their entrepreneurial journey in the tech space, this course will be very beneficial.

    This iOS developer professional certificate course is a combination of 12 courses that helps you learn Git, Javascript, React, and React Native technologies along with iOS App Development. It takes around 8 months to finish the entire course and you also have the option to complete individual courses. You can enroll for free and audit the course, but it is not free to get a certificate.

  • Apple Developer Website:

    Apple itself published a complete set of iOS app development tutorials on its developer website. This tutorial is a large one that takes around 14 hours to finish. It teaches concepts like SwiftUI, UIKit, Xcode, etc; In this tutorial, you will develop an app called Scrumdinger, that manages daily meetings.
  • FreeCodeCamp Youtube channel:

    FreeCodeCamp YouTube channel is a treasure trove for anyone who wants to learn technical software development skills. This course teaches the iOS app development course by developing a project just as above. The entire video is over 5 hours and teaches complete app development for free and covers technologies like SwiftUI and UI Kit. I’ve also attached the video here for your convenience.

  • Udacity Intro to iOS App Development:

    Although an entry level course compared to the above options, this iOS app development course by Udacity is highly popular among beginners.
  • Sean Allen’s SwiftUI fundamentals course on YouTube:

    Sean Allen’s YouTube channel publishes iOS development tutorials. This course used to be a paid one. Although it is almost 2 years old, it has been updated to iOS 15 and 16. This video is over 15 hours in length and goes over every aspect in detail. I’ve also attached the YouTube video below for your convenience.